Convenient and Cost-effective

SBHCs are open when school is in session.

When school is closed, patients can reach us 24/7 by calling our main pediatric and dental office numbers:
Medical: (315) 782 -6400       Dental: (315) 788-9834.
Any student attending a participating school can enroll in the school-based health centers (SBHC).

  • There are no eligibility or income requirements.
  • A student can be enrolled in the SBHC and keep their regular doctor.
    The SBHC will always send copies of visits to your child’s regular provider.
  • If you have no doctor, you can enroll your child and use the SBHC as your child’s doctor.
    North Country Family Health Center would be pleased to become your child’s regular medical provider. When the school-based health center is not open you can use the services of our Primary Care Clinic located at 238 Arsenal Street in Watertown.
  • If you have a regular doctor and cannot get an appointment you can use the school-based health center instead of an urgent care or the emergency room.
  • You can call the SBHC for a same-day appointment even if your child is too ill to attend school. Copies of your child’s visit will always be sent to your child’s regular doctor.
  • Services are provided at no out of pocket costs.

The SBHC provides complete primary care.
We provide treatment of illnesses (like ear infections or strep throat), treatment of minor injuries,  physical exams, vaccinations, allergy shots, and mental health counseling.

You will NOT pay for:
Any out-of-pocket costs for a health care visit at school. Treatment for illness and minor injury, follow-up visits and check-ups are all provided at no out-of-pocket cost to you. The same is true for counseling visits and preventive dental care including dental screenings, sealants and fluoride treatments done at school. We will bill your insurance if applicable.

You MAY need to pay for (depending on your insurance coverage):

  • Some lab tests and x-rays that are done outside of the School-Based Health Center (like blood work, lab cultures and strep tests).
  • Consults with specialists and other specialty care. Dental care provided by a dentist (like fillings, space maintainers and other treatments).
  • Visits you make for dental care or medical care at 238 Arsenal Street. If you come for care when the SBHC is closed, or for more involved care, that care is no longer covered by our School-Based Health grant and you will be charged your normal co-pays and visit fees.

For all of these costs, you may be eligible for reduced fees based on your income.
If you do not have insurance, we have a sliding fee scale available. We can also help you find insurance coverage (see attached information sheet).
For more information about charges for your visits or how we can help you pay for them, call your school-based health center or our financial services representative at 782-9450.

Parents are always welcome to come to their child’s appointment at the SBHC.
If you have trouble getting time off of work or cannot attend the appointment we can see your child during the school day and call you before and after their appointment.

The role of the school nurse has not changed.
If your child becomes ill during the day, he/she will still go to the nurse’s office and the nurse will call you. The nurse will ask you if you want your child to be seen at the SBHC.

How does a student receive SBH services?
To receive services, parents must complete the SBHC Enrollment packet. You can pick up an enrollment packet at your child’s school or download the forms using the link at the bottom of the page. Enrollment in the SBHC program can be completed at any time. There are NO eligibility requirements.

You do not have to use the school-based health center if you enroll.
All parents are encouraged to enroll their child in the SBH program. Signing an enrollment form does not mean that your child must use the school-based health center frequently. Enrolling your child gives you the option of using the SBHC if you need it.

If you would like to schedule a medical or mental health appointment or if you have any questions, please call the SBHC located n your child’s school.

WatertownGradesSBH Phone
North ElementaryGrades Pre k -4(315)786-1767
H. T. Wiley SchoolGrades 5-6(315) 785-3783
Case Middle SchoolGrades 7-8(315) 785-3809
Watertown HighGrades 9-12 (315) 785-3703
Dental – WileyAll Grades (315) 779-5611
South Jefferson..
MannsvillePre-K – Grade 5 (315) 465-3373
Wilson Elementary Pre-K- Grade 5 (315) 583-5200
Dental  – Manns Grades K-5 (315) 465-3378
Dental – Clarke Grades 6-8 (315) 232-9968
Dental – Wilson Pre-K – Grade 5
(315) 583-5349
Dental ONLY..
CopenhagenAll Grades(315) 688-4411
Alex BayAll Grades(315) 482-9971
LowvilleAll Grades(315) 376-9005