Thank you for entrusting North Country Family Health Center with your care.  Our organization is proud to be one of 1,400 Federally Qualified Community Health Centers nationwide. The Community Health Center Program began in the 1960s during the civil rights and social justice movement of that time, as a model of healthcare that provided access to all. Our own organization, formerly known as North Country Children’s Clinic, was founded with a similar purpose of providing access to quality healthcare to all children in our North Country community.  Our organization was built on a foundation of equality, inclusivity, and compassion. Nearly 50 years ago, community organizers came together to develop a model of care that opened doors and hearts to low-income children and offered a solution to make healthcare accessible in our rural community.

Nearly five decades later our mission has been expanded to serve adults as well. However, our values remain the same today as when we started in 1971. We are committed to ensuring equality in healthcare delivery ensuring all individuals – regardless of race, ethnicity, income, insurance status, religion, age, nationality, gender identity, or sexual orientation – are welcomed into our doors. We are your community health center and our doors are always open. Our values of access, quality, integration, diversity, respect, and community guide our work and ensures that the Health Center is a safe place free from discrimination – every individual is welcomed, valued, and respected.

Our vision is a community in which every individual achieves a healthy and wholesome life and we know this vision cannot be achieved without equality for all.  We are committed to providing our staff with the tools they need to have authentic conversations about racism, social determinants of health, and the role social injustice plays in an individual’s access to health and wellbeing.   We stand committed to our core values of access, quality, integration, diversity, respect, and community.

  • Access – We commit to making sure that everyone has access to healthcare.
  • Quality – We commit to providing high quality care.
  • Integration – We integrate our services to ensure wellness of the whole person.
  • Diversity – We embrace a diverse community and a diverse workforce.
  • Respect – We treat every individual with dignity.
  • Community – We foster community partnerships to ensure collaborative approaches to providing access to care.