Mannsville Manor Elementary School-Based Health & Dental Program Celebrates 10 Years of Operation

IMG_1481North Country Family Health Center (NCFHC) is pleased to announce its School-Based Health & Dental Program at the Mannsville Manor Elementary, 423 North Main Street, Mannsville is celebrating its 10th year of providing health and dental services at the school. NCFHC will host a luncheon from 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Friday, November 3rd for all staff at the elementary school in honor of the 10 year celebration.

“Mannsville Manor Elementary is a very special site as it was our first School-Based Health Center to open within the South Jefferson Central School District 10 years ago,” comments Joey Marie Horton, Executive Director, North Country Family Health Center. “All students are eligible to enroll in the School-Based Health & Dental Program regardless of income or current healthcare provider. Enrollment is a great back-up plan in case a student doesn’t have a healthcare provider.” Startup funding for the Mannsville site was provided by a $65,000 grant from the Northern New York Community Foundation.

Mannsville Elementary School-Based Health Center is staffed by a family nurse practitioner, a patient service representative who coordinates student visits to the nurse practitioner, and a licensed clinical social worker who is able to provide behavioral health services when necessary. Staff care for students when they are sick or if they experience chronic care issues such as diabetes or asthma. Well child and annual physical exams are also offered to students. In addition the School-Based Center offers preventative dental services with the help of a dental hygienist and a patient service representative who schedules regular dental cleanings for the students. “We are proud to serve 275 of the 338 elementary students at Mannsville – up approximately 12.7% from last year,” comments Heather Lupia, School-Based Health Center Program Administrator.

“Many parents choose to enroll their children just in case – in case they are not able to leave work to care for a sick child or they are not able to get their sick child into their primary care provider as soon as they’d like. Additionally, many parents choose us as their primary care provider for their children.”

In addition to the Mannsville Manor Elementary School, NCFHC also hosts a similar School-Based Health & Dental Program at Maynard P. Wilson Elementary. South Jefferson Middle and High School students can utilize the Mannsville Elementary or Wilson Elementary site, for their medical needs too. Preventative dental services are provided at Clarke Middle/High School. Similar to South Jefferson Central School District, NCFHC has School-Based Health Centers within the Watertown City School District at North Elementary, Wiley Elementary, Case Middle School and Watertown High School. NCFHC provides dental only sites at Alexandria Central, Copenhagen Central, Lowville Academy & Central School and South Lewis School Districts.             “It has been proven time and time again that healthy, happy students are more engaged in school in general,” comments Jeff Ginger, Principal, Mannsville Manor Elementary. “Our students, as well as our teachers and staff, are lucky to have the on-site health and dental services provided by the North Country Family Health Center’s School-Based Health & Dental Program. As Principal I understand the importance of having healthy, happy students attending my school each and every day.”

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